little victories - 'pine knob' rebrand

so its called the thing it used to be called... hooray?

theres really not a whole bunch to celebrate about the latest rebrand of clarkston's amphitheater, other than a small victory that maybe the era of naming big venues after banks and car brands is coming to an end (see: Aretha Franklin amphitheater), and that maybe we're moving towards a time when business partners resist the urge to big-dick themselves onto the side of the venues they are involved with.

"hey, i know you're here for something that helps you escape the futile reality we face on the daily but don't forget to think about mortgage payment programs!"

we can hope that a little sanctity is working its way into music-for-the-masses. even these larger venues have identities, personalities of their own when they are given the chance to show themselves beyond their industry reality of hosting big-name concerts to rake in money.

At the end of the day, it doesn't make a difference what these venues are called. Truly, the 'honoring of history' marketing ploys won't sit right until there is a legit chance of small-time bands getting opportunities on those stages - not pay